"Gritty and compelling."
-- Richard Price,
author of Lush Life and Clockers

“ … bracingly honest memoir. In sharp and sometimes poetic prose, the author takes a detailed inventory of his years of drug addiction …
-- New Yorker

“Carr's style is as elegant as his saga is gritty, and the story of his life is simply extraordinary. "
-- Jeffrey Toobin, author of The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme

-"There may be no memoirist who has more skillfully used journalistic tools to reconstruct his own life than New York Times media columnist David Carr in his remarkable and harrowing book, The Night of the Gun....A."
-- Jennifer Reese, Entertainment Weekly

-"The Night of the Gun is in part a writerly exercise in defense and disarmament--memoir in the throes of an existential crisis. But that does not prevent it from being a great read. This is largely because, in using his reporter's chops to investigate his own past, Carr taps the very skills that propelled him to survive. His method, as much as his madness, is the story."
-- Time

-"[A] fierce, self-lacerating tale....writing full of that special journalistic energy that is driven by a combination of reporting and intelligence."
-- Pete Hamill, The New York Times

-"[A] remarkable narrative of redemption...He writes with grace and precision...With grit and a recovering user's candor, Mr. Carr has written an arresting tale..."
-- Edward Kosner, The Wall Street Journal
night of the gun
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"Anyone who knows now or ever has known the addictive and ultimately deadly affections of booze and dope will be moved and shaken - as I was - by this beautiful, horrifying memoir. David Carr has summoned everything that matters about the loaded gun of substance abuse." --Stephen King
“It adds up to a riveting, improbable story.” – New York Observer

“… breathtakingly candid, laugh-out-loud funny, (and) heroically rigorous.”
– Kurt Andersen,
author of Heyday
and Turn of the Century

"[a] remarkable memoir…”
– Harper’s

"A brilliantly written,
brutally honest memoir."
-- Kirkus Reviews (Starred) -"3 stars. It's an odyssey you'll find hard to forget."
-- Kim Hubbard, People

-"The Night of the Gun is about as dark and murky as dark and murky get. And though it is one of the most eloquent accounts of the seduction and snare of addiction, what's gotten lost in the water-cooler discussion about Carr's misadventures -- including drug peddling as well as his bout with cancer -- is that this book, in its sharp, serrated prose, is a meditation on how memory works (but mostly how it doesn't), a man's obsessive effort to get at his life's true narrative using the skills he's honed as a reporter, the one piece of his life that didn't combust."
-- George Lynell, L.A. Times

-"He never asks for sympathy, but his skill and the way he has told his story deserves respect. The Night of the Gun is an amazingly honest and fascinating memoir."
-- Myrna Blyth, National Review

-"The Night of the Gun, is the fierce, funny, disturbing, brutally honest, and ultimately uplifting story of Carr's decent into a self-inflicted hell and a bumpy return to life. Part investigative page-turner, part redemption song, part meditation on the mercurial nature of memory, The Night of the Gun pulls a besmirched genre out of the gutter, drags it through rehab, and returns it to a respectable place in society. And, if there is any justice, a place on the best-seller list."
-- Arianna Huffington on Veryshortlist.com